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About Joy D. Biswas

                                  Nice To Meet You,

I’m Joydrtha Biswas (Joy D. Biswas). My nick name is Joy. ("Joydratha" it's similar to Mahabharat’s Sindhu pradesh's King Jayadratha). I love every Good and Creative things. I love doing Business. Currently I create a group for my own business. In future I will tell you all about my business. My like list is so much big. I like fun and all the funny staff. I like Photography, sing and listen song like (Rock, Pop, Classic, Hip-Hop, Ever Green, Folk, etc), I love Computer programming & Web page Designing. I love cinematography, I had little bit experience in this field. Because I was an assistant Film Director worker, and now I studying with it. I like script writing. I like photo Editing and Illustrate. I like music composition. Studying in Law, because Law has some power, and I love it. I studied and still studying ACCA for my future business life. I love books, except my class books. I love my Country and Whole World. My best friend is my family.


Height: 171 cm
Body Type: Athletic
Blood Group: B+ (If you need Blood please contact with me, If I available in your   
                               area/zone I will donate Blood)
Race: Asian (Subcontinent)

Bad Habit:
I'm a Smoker but I hate it and want to escape from it, I never take any kinds of Alcohol or any type of bad subject which is harmful or unhealthy. I hate those things.

Corporate Governance, Accounting, Financial Analysis, Web Development, Adobe Design Programs, Programming, VoIP, Real Estate, Stock Market, Adobe CC, Microsoft, Film Production, Photography, Creative Writer, Legal Advice.

My Wish:
I want to be a Rich, Wealthy, Wise & Honest Businessman. I also want to be a Good Father (like my Baba/Father), Good Husband & a Good Lover for my Sweet Honey Wife.

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